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Tell members of the House of Lords to reject Clause 9 of the draconian and racist Nationality and Borders Bill.

The Citizenship Bill (NABB) is one of the most racist Bills that has been put before Parliament. Simply put, it means if you or one of your parents were born abroad then your Citizenship can be withdrawn.
You will also not be informed because of Clause 9 of the Bill which states that you do not have to be notified so you may not find out until you attempt to return from holiday, and find yourself stranded in a foreign country with no money, support, or family.
The test to revoke your citizenship? There is no clear definition. Only the Home Secretary knows and decides!
The House of Lords are sitting on 27 January to vote on the proposed amendments to the Bill including removing Clause 9. In the same way we were able to defeat many clauses of the Policing Bill recently, we must speak up about this dangerous and racist Bill, targeted largely at ethnic minorities.

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