These Working Groups have been set up to coordinate or organise certain areas of XR Tower Hamlets. Anyone can join a working group. No experience is required and you can be involved as much or as little. Everyone's ideas are valued. To find out more, contact the working group with the email addresses below.

General Enquiries

Don’t know which working group you’re interested in?

Email our general enquiries inbox and we’ll direct you!

Actions & Logistics

Developing the plan for NVDA escalation within XR Tower Hamlets, organising AGs and ensuring best practice is followed during all actions (including debrief and reflection).

Arrestee Support

This is a group to support people who are at risk of arrest, who are arrested or who have previously been arrested as part of an XR protest action.

Arts & Culture

Coordinating artwork for XR Tower Hamlets actions and activities.

Community Outreach

Engaging with diverse groups locally to build and connect up climate activism in Tower Hamlets, and to show solidarity to those organising in our community, as well as outreach activities to communicate our message to the public, reach new rebels and mobilise them to get involved.


We are a group who love plants, wildlife and nature. We are lucky enough to have an XR Garden in Mile End park which we cultivate, and grow vegetables in. Come along to a garden work day if you’d like to lend a helping hand! Find the next one in Events.

Finance & Fundraising
    (i) To raise money for XR Tower Hamlets, including organising events.
    (ii) to put in place proper procedures for managing our finances and paying expenses.
Media & Messaging

Developing our PR and media strategy, liaising with members of the press, creating social media presence.

Talks & Training

Organise and deliver the Heading for Extinction talk and various training, including Non-Violent Direct Action (NVDA) trainings.

Wellbeing & Regen

Making sure members and activists are supported before, during, after, and between actions as well as promoting a culture of well-being for activists.