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XR Tower Hamlets have adopted a fourth demand!

Why add a 4th Demand

The original 3 demands made by XR are radical and direct, written concisely as is appropriate for the emergency we are in. Within those demands the Citizens' Assembly is the key mechanism of change, a radical move for government to trust the people and hand decision making power to citizens to steer a path through the climate and ecological emergency using deliberative democracy, a compassionate revolution. However, history has shown us that the oppression of colonialism, white-supremacy and patriarchy has been insidiously inventive and able to perpetuate itself in new guises, despite many reforms of society. Adding the 4th demand explicitly states that this stops here; enough is enough; justice and reparations for all people and all species will be inseparable from the transition to planetary repair which we must begin urgently.

Isn’t this diverging from XR UK?

The widest circle of XR UK is currently going through a similar process to evolve the rebellion’s demands. Our local group has fed into that process and we eagerly await the outcome. Once that result is out our local group may opt to amend our 4 demands to match those of XR UK.

Here it is!

The Government must implement a just transition to an ecologically balanced society, prioritising the needs and voices of the most vulnerable and redressing the past and present global inequalities caused by centuries of colonial, gender, and class exploitation, while upholding all species' rights to life.

Who are XR Tower Hamlets?

Formed at the start of 2019 by a small group of Tower Hamlets residents, Extinction Rebellion Tower Hamlets has become one of London’s most active local groups. We are particularly famous for the massive pink octopus, Jeanne-Luc, who caused a scene last October.

We are a community of like-minded individuals responding to the climate and ecological crises by working towards our common goals: Extinction Rebellion’s three demands both nationally and locally.

You don’t have to be willing to be arrested, nor do you need to have hours and hours spare or be an expert on climate change. If you care about what’s happening to our planet and are frustrated and disheartened by the inaction of those in power then you are in the right place.

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Extinction Rebellion has four demands at its core. They unite us and help communicate our message loud and clear.

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Extinction Rebellion Tower Hamlets | Extiction Rebellion Tower Hamlets is an active East London XR group. Here you can find information about events, who we are, and how to get in touch. XR Tower Hamlets is dedicated to acting for the planet on a local level: where we are vocal about pollution in the borough, and the national level: where we get involved with large scale actions.